About the Ohio Soybean Council

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) was founded in 1991 to manage the Soybean Promotion and Research Program – more commonly known as the soybean checkoff. Ohio soybean farmers pay one half of one percent of the bushel price to the soybean checkoff when they sell soybeans.

OSC collects those funds and sends half to its national affiliate, the United Soybean Board. The other half remains in Ohio and is invested under the direction of a board of soybean farmers from around the state who are elected by their peers. The program’s primary goal is to improve soybean profitability by targeting research and development, education and promotion projects through the investment of farmer-contributed funds

OSC farmer leaders review and, as necessary, revise the organizational strategic plan. This process helps OSC stay ahead of market trends in order to make the best short and long-term investment decisions on behalf of Ohio soybean farmers.

Madison Layman, Demand and Market Development Manager

Madison Layman joined OSC as the Communications Coordinator in June 2021 and was promoted to Demand & Market Development Manager in September 2022. Madison’s responsibilities include increasing global market access for Ohio soybeans and increasing customer awareness of the value and preference for high quality Ohio soybeans. She will also be monitoring the biodiesel and renewable diesel markets and seek opportunities for growth in those industries in Ohio.
Madison was responsible for content creation, editorial writing and editing, event management, digital marketing and social media outreach to both farmers and consumers. She was also responsible for managing the Ohio Soybean magazine and Ohio Soybean Council Foundation scholarship program. Madison earned a Bachelor of Science in agricultural communication from The Ohio State University. She grew up on a dairy farm in Licking County.

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